Tiger Forced to Steal (AI Animated Short Film)

‘Tiger Steals’ 🐯

Here is my latest fantasy short film, animated with AI but written from scratch.

Here, Acquinas was accused of stealing, so he did something utterly shocking.

Acquinas knew that someone had put the sacred jade talismen in his dwelling to make it look like a heist, but he didn’t know who.

Without anyone to blame, he would be excommunicated either way, and so as he left the boundaries of the Tigarian Alliance, his desperation forced him to do the unthinkable.

Even as a decorated bladeweaver, his survival was uncertain, and so…

He took the sacred jade talisman with him.

With it, he could tap into untold powers.

I hope you enjoy my latest animated short film. I write these short stories myself then create an AI short film from there.

Thank you for your support!