The Scorching Supper | Original Storytime

You hear the word “spicy” you usually think of pad thai or salsa

You don’t think of feeding your girlfriend’s family the world’s hottest pepper, but that’s exactly what this guy did by mistake.

The scorching supper.

This guy wanted to impress his girlfriend’s family by cooking dinner one night.

But in the middle of cooking, he noticed the recipe called for dried peppers, something he completely overlooked. 

The problem was, he expected everyone over in half an hour, so he rushed to the grocery store, tossed the peppers in his cart, and quickly checked out.

He made it back just in time to toss the peppers in and set the table.

But as the saying goes, haste makes waste.

After saying Grace, his girlfriend, her parents, and her brother dove right in. 

But having forgot the salad, the guy rushed back to the kitchen. Before he could return, panicked shouts echoed from the dining room.

His girlfriend zoomed into the kitchen, raiding his refrigerator for milk.

Not a moment later, the father rushed in too, his eyes growing wide when he saw the empty pepper container on the counter.

Clearly labeled across the top were the words “ghost peppers”, but as it turns out, the boyfriend thought “ghost” was just the brand. He completely mistook them for regular red peppers. 

Although the family laughs about it today, they all gained a new appreciation for the age-old chef’s wisdom, “taste as you go.”