Never Ask THIS to a Fox (Animated Short Film)

‘If you ask a fox for directions…’ 🦊

Today’s storytime explores what happens if you ask a seemingly innocent question to a Felwood Fox. 

It goes a little something like this… If you ask a Felwood fox for directions, he’ll first request a sweet bonnop, then he’ll give you the exact wrong directions which will lead you to a pack of Piddlewick possums who, if you ask them for directions, will request some sweet bonnops then mislead you to a family of Reinhold raccoons who will steal the rest of your sweet bonnops then lead you back to the Felwood fox who will have been slain by a Terrabore dragon, who also loves sweet bonnops. 

I’ve been venturing into some fantasy writing and storytelling. I hope you like it! Along the way, creating lore has been quite fun.

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These short animated films and stories are always fun to write and create.

Until next time,

– W.W.

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