93-year-old’s BIGGEST life lesson

Story of elderly man’s life lesson

So this 93-year-old man had a problem that frustrated all of his neighbors for months.

People would come and go from his house, always looking angry when they left. One of the old man’s neighbors, curious and concerned, decided to stop by.

But when asked about the visitors, the old man said nothing. Instead, he brought the curious neighbor to his garage. There sat a vintage Porsche in perfect condition.

“They come for this, but they leave because I won’t sell it to them,” the old man said.

“It seems you’ve had plenty of prospects,” said the neighbor, “perhaps your asking price is too high.”

The old man shook his head. “The car is free,” he said, “it’s what they do with the car that I care about.”

“I see,” the neighbor replied, “you want someone who will take great care of the car.”

Again, the old man shook his head. “It’s not that either,” he said.

Now the neighbor was growing frustrated. “If you’re not willing to part with it, then why display the ‘for sale’ sign in the first place?”

To this, the old man smiled. “You’re the first one who’s asked. Some people offer money or gifts, others assure me of how great they’ll care for the car, how carefully they’ll maintain the engine, and the paint, and the interior. But it’s none of that…”

He continued, “you see, I’ve kept this car safe and sound for over 65 years, polished it regularly, kept it finely tuned, the whole nine yards. The car should have scuffs, and dings, and dents, but instead, it sits here, good as new…

Now I’m an old man. My parents once watched me care for it, then my siblings, and my friends, and my wife, someone I love to no end. She would sit in this very garage just to spend time with me, but my focus was all on the car. They’ve all passed on, so it’s just me now, still here, wondering what memories we could have made, still here with this car.

And so, in its next chapter, I want the car to have a full life, to show its owner a life I never knew, a full life. So when they reach 93 like me, they may see this car differently. And when the elements, and accidents, and wear and tear do their work, sure, the value won’t be what it’s worth today, but it will have all been worth it.”